For years people have said you should buy a new car in grey, black or silver if you have any interest whatsoever in selling it on for a halfway decent sum of money. Oh, and you should probably also refrain from having a massive graphic of your own fingerprint painted on the bonnet.

See, a new service offered by Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur department does just that. For a mere €7,500 the company takes your fingerprint, then using clever ‘direct printing’ tech that “makes it possible to produce designs that are not possible with conventional painting”, prints it on the bonnet of your brand new 911.

Other designs will be available eventually, but for now this new tech is only being used for this. Tick the box on the options list, and once your car is completed, it’s taken to one side, its bonnet removed and then the paint applied. So not only do you have to pay a fair bit for this in the first place, but you probably have to wait quite a while.

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