Big grille/small grille? Yellow seats? Red roof? Yes, it’s Wreck-An-Aston o’clock!

Do you know how many colours of roof you may choose between on the new Aston Martin Vantage Roadster? Eight. There’s various shades of brown and grey, black, blue and leopard-print. Yes, we’ve made that up, but it could be true, couldn’t it?

Immediately then, the new topless Vantage gives those of you with an artistic / timewasting-on-the-internet flair more to play with. On the Coupe, there are only three choices: body colour paint, black paint, or carbon. Now you’ve got more than twice the selection.

And of course, that’s merely the tip of Aston Martin’s famously detailed configurator iceberg. The wild and varied paint hues, many alloy wheel options and sheer volume of carbon fibre trinketry you can hang off the new baby Aston drop-top beggar belief. 

We dare you – try the official Aston configurator and see if you can create one of more dubious taste than Top Gear’s mood board above. Special points if you get anything decked out in leopard-print.

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