Porsche 911 Heritage Design Packages Coming Next Year


Posted: 24th of June 2019 by Platinum Auto

Nostalgia, as they say, is a perfect marketing strategy. Things that remind you of the good ol' days make for a good commodity, even in cars. Especially in cars.

Porsche knows this and as a brand that takes pride in its iconic model that roots back to as far back as the 1950s, it's a match made in heaven. Enter the Porsche Heritage Design Strategy – a collaborative effort between Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur and “Style Porsche” design department. The aim? To reinterpret 911 models with iconographic elements in modern versions of its cars.

We've had a sneak peek of the Heritage Design Package through the 911 Speedster that was showcased at the New York Auto Show. It's a preview of the lifestyle vehicles that Porsche wants to create, and just by looking at the images from the auto show, we can't say we're not elated.

Next year, however, Porsche will be adding special models with the Heritage Design Package. Certain elements from previous decades will be available for the 911 as part of the package.

"To us, it is vital to transport the brand’s values into the future. Heritage Design models represent an intentional addition to contemporary hybrid and electric vehicles as part of which technical innovations are in the focus," says Boris Apenbrink, Director Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles at Porsche AG.

So, what's special about the Porsche Heritage Design Package? Apart from the special paintwork, these cars contain exquisite textile to highlight the interior. Elements such as corduroy, the Pepita pattern, the Pasha pattern, or tartans are redesigned to match certain models. "Old color and equipment cards, museum vehicles, design elements from the corresponding era – we took all this as our inspiration to reinterpret the design language of the past," said Ivo van Hulten, Director Interior Design Style Porsche.

To match the flashback Friday interiors of the new Porsche with Heritage Design Package, Porsche Design is also developing matching watches exclusively for the owners.

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