Morgan Developing High-Performance Flagship Model


Posted: 30th of October 2018 by Platinum Auto

Even though the 110th anniversary of Morgan is right around the corner, the Aero 8 won’t be replaced in time for the celebrations. But the designers are already working on a successor “that will both reinforce its reputation for classic design and move it on a couple of decades.”

According to, the follow-up “is being created in-house by design and engineering teams that now total around 30 people.” The coupe should arrive sometime in the mid-2020s, with similar pricing to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Being all new from the ground up, a dedicated platform is also in the works.

Autocar understands that early versions will make use of a downsized, turbocharged six-cylinder engine with 350 horsepower or so, driving the rear wheels through either a manual or paddle-shift automatic transmission. Being inspired by cars from the 1960s, Morgan is engineering the car with an aluminum riveted box-section chassis.

In other words, make that twice the rigidity of the Aero 8, translating to superior ride comfort and drivability. Based on the design sketch, the yet-unnamed model takes some inspiration from the Eva GT Concept from 2010.

Managing director Steve Morris mentions that the architecture of the heir-apparent “can also cope with the predicted demands of electrification.” More to the point, Morris talks about “sizeable traction batteries” and “electric drive motors.”

Morgan currently sells the EV3 as the only electric vehicle in the lineup, with Frazer-Nash responsible for the powertrain. With 120 miles of range from a 21-kWh battery, the electric three-wheeler is almost usable as a daily driver provided that the weather is sunny and dry.

Back when Morgan announced the technical partnership with Frazer-Nash, the head honcho revealed that the EV3 “sets the scene for many exciting future opportunities.”

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